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This was a conversation I over heard on the bus. I don’t know if I’m just getting old or what but I didn’t undersatnd anything from the conversation. And that was pretty much their entire conversation. One girl said “like” so much I wanted to slap her.

Alice – Seattle, WA

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category: On a bus

Confidential to the dude wearing noise~canceling headphones: Just because you can’t hear your own farts doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t hear them!

Trish – Tacoma, WA

category: Subway

Two hipsters on the subway, “The minute they isolate the gay gene conservatives will be pro-choice.”

Sara T – New York, New York

category: On a bus

A middle aged man was talking about his girlfriend who was currently on a diet.

“She’s a cruise ship of fun… Without all the fatty food.”

Bill – Helena, Montana

category: On a bus

Overheard on the 522:

“He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But he makes up for it by being dull.”

Brad Taylor – Woodinville, WA

category: On a tour bus

Overheard on a tour bus in Napa Vally. Two older guys were talking about their favorite wine. This made me giggle:

“I don’t discriminate as long as it’s white.”

Barbara – Venice Beach, CA

category: On a bus

The Number 4 Bus

A middle age woman gets on my bus in the middle of winter and is obviously from another country and does not speak very good english. The bus gets crowded and this teenager starts talking in a hostile manner after a while.

Teenager: What’s yo problem

Visiting Woman: I’m sorry

Teenager: (Very Angry) You keep looking at us you.

Visiting woman: I

Teenager: You better keep your eyes in your own business.

Visiting Woman: I’m sorry, It’s just I not seen many Africans, I’m from Finnland.

Teenager: (Surprised) You don’t have Africans where you are from?

Visiting Woman: No, are they all like you?

Teenager: (Very pissed and Defensive) Whadya mean?

Visiting Woman: So beautiful

Teenager: (Shocked) I don’t know, Maybe.

Visiting Woman: I’m Ansa

Teenager drops her anger and sits next to Ansa, they talk and laugh all the way downtown and my faith in humanity is restored.

Dan Christensen – Bus Driver
Portland, Oregon USA

category: On a bus

Passenger A: What are you doing for Christmas?
P B: Going to Grandmas for breakfast, she makes amazing Norwegian sausage.
P A: Norway seems like a nice place, isn’t it near Russia?
P B: Not sure but Norwegians are from like Sweden or something like that not Norway.

Jeff – Seattle

category: On a bus

Overheard on the Eastbound #4 Bus

A group of teenagers are cutting up in the back. The bus reaches a crowded stop, where another group of teenagers is waiting to get on.

Girl in back: “Lord, my sister’s about to get on this bus.”
Boy in back: “Oh, that one with the backpack?”
Girl: “No, the one with the pajama-bottom-lookin’ pants and corner-store flip flops.”

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category: On a train

“She’s the most Interesting show in town.”

Heard on the Marc Train heading into town.

Tyrone Unruh – Washington D.C.